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California Style Water Blade. Hi-Tech. $ 14" squeegee. Quantity. Share item. Email; Print. Add to wishlist. Add to Cart. The inch, one-piece design efficiently removes water on glass or smooth surfaces without scratching, and the handle built into the blade offers a comfortable. Description. One Pass Patented Y-Bar edge sheds water droplets easily. Easily glides over and around chrome strips, sharp edges and grooves. Soft medical grade. Patented T-Bar edge whisks away water in one pass. Dries virtually any surface in 1/3 the time of messy towels, chamois or squeegees. Soft medical grade. $ Reliable's No Scratch Water blade is an essential tool for RV, automotive, and household detailing, windows and mirror or shower cleaning. The flexible.

All plastic, won't scratch with a flexible, quality, see through /2" blade. Rigid Water Blade A ” medical grade silicone water blade that makes quick work of drying all your vehicles. Description. A ” medical grade silicone. Faster and more efficient than towels or chamois, Water Blade effortlessly removes water from any surface. The patented T-Bar edge collects water in one pass by. California Water Blade · Additional information · Reviews (0). Weight lbs. Dimensions, 3 × 2 × 14 in. Water Blade ; SKU: WB ; Contact Us. Karn Automotive Products, Inc. Commercial Parkway Memphis, TN United States of America ; © Type: Special Ability (Active) Effect: Water hybrid damage (x) to one enemy Hits: 1Attack frame: 85 MP: 3 Shop Kappa Village Recipe (Quest) Constant. Dry windows faster than ever! The Flexible Water Blade easily molds to curved surfaces and pulls water off quickly with its soft silicone edge. The Water Blade removes water quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. The flexible rubber handle with ergonomic gripping ribs prevent slipping when wet. California style Jelly Blade. The Jelly Blade removes water quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. Flexible handle and the 12 in. blade molds itself to almost.

Availability: SILICONE WATER BLADE is a one handed 12 inch squeegee. Great for quick drying a wet surface. Professional Car Handheld Blade Squeegee, 12 inch 3-Layer Silicone T-Bar Water Blade, Universal Quick Drying Squeegee Wiper, Super Flexible Squeegee for Car. The Water Blade Ridged is the ultimate solution for drying your car in seconds. Its unique design effectively removes standing water from any surface with ease. Silicone Water Blade 12" - Super Flexible Silicone Squeegee - for Car Or Home Use - Triple Edge T-bar blade EASY CLEANUP! Wipe water away from your car. Inventor of the Original Waterblade for Home, Work, Shop, Garage, Aircraft, Marine and Automotive. Saving time and effort for over 20 years. Its hard handle and flexible water blade removes water quickly and safely‚ from your auto's surface. Its T-shape blade is made from durable yet flexible. Original Water Blade Squeegee - Silicone T-Bar Squeegee - 12 Inch Purple. This 18″ inch Classic model is great for trucks, buses, boats, planes and RVs. WATER BLADE 12" T BAR Removes water quickly cleanly and efficiently. Flexible 14 in. blade molds itself to almost any contour drying the surface in one pass. Made from flexible, medical-grade silicone, this water blade molds to the contours of your vehicle's surface while creating a smooth glide that eliminates water.

Our award winning water blades are made of high quality, medical grade silicone. Perfect for a drying all types of surface types and surface sizes. Reduce drying time by one-third with the hand-held WaterBlade squeegee. Its effective soft non-scratch silicone design easily removes water from almost any. The water blade quickly sweeps away water from windows and the car's surface faster than any towel or sponge. Its durable design and plastic handle are. Sleek, curvaceous vehicles are no problem. The blade glides over curved and concave surfaces, taking 90% of water with it! The Jelly Blade is safe on any.

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